Who are E-QS


Garrett Rothwell is the founder of E-QS.  With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Garrett and his team have gained invaluable experience by getting to know their individual clients needs and tailoring their services to best suit their clients. This has allowed them to develop a good track record of delivering their projects on time and within budget.

E-QS Have worked with a range of professionals and clients across a variety of industries. They are steadily making their way forward in the recovering economy and are here to rehabilitate and facilitate confidence and certainty back into Irish construction costs.




What We Do


At E-QS our Quantity Surveyor professionals provide Bills of Quantities and Bills of Materials for the Irish construction industry. These two documents are a crucial element to any tendering process.


The Bill of Quantities clearly itemises parts, labor and materials (including their costs) for a construction project. This provides our contractors/ clients with a superb document to aid pricing and administration of a contract project.


The Bill of Materials outlines the a list of the raw materials, and the quantities of each, needed to manufacture an end product. This document is vital in the communication with manufacturing and supply companies.

2 Construction workers on site with drawing




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